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The Ninja Sheep

This sheep is totally crazy. He decided to show the world that sheep can do taekwondo, sheep can
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6 October 2008

Editor's review

How many times in your life, you have come across the words ‘ninja’ and ‘sheep’ framed in to a single sentence, or name? Probably never! A sheep, as we all know, always reminds us the picture of a calm, cute and wooly creature grazing around in grassy fields. Ninjas on the other hand, are armed and dangerous - with an extensive training in martial arts and in handling the Katana - also known as the Ninja sword. Now, imagine what would happen if a sheep-ninja, however weird it may sound, try to prove it to the world that sheep are capable of doing martial arts any day of the year, and not just that- they can also thrash evil forces whenever situation demands. If you are finding it a little hard to imagine, give a shot at the Ninja Sheep 1.0.

The game launches with a bright and colorful interface with the menu located at the center. You can choose to play it in three modes- easy, normal, and hard - whichever may suit you. The graphic is indeed quite detailed for a game of its class, and certainly attractive enough to keep your gaming spirit intact for over a long duration of time. The plot goes like this - the ninja-sheep, which also happens to be the main character in the game, goes crazy on one fine day, and move on to prove to the world that sheep can also excel in martial arts like taekwondo and karate. His mission is simple- to take one on one with the robots in his farm, and convey them the message that they can no longer bully his fellow sheep - he had simply enough of them.

Overall, a nice piece of entertaining game that can put a smile on anyone’s face. It definitely deserves a rating of four and a half points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

This sheep is totally crazy. He decided to show the world that sheep can do taekwondo, sheep can do karate and sheep can take on robots anytime. Your mission is to help this Ninja sheep destroy all those enemy robots by showing them who is the boss at this part of the farm. Bolts and nuts will be flying and there will be some pretty angry robots out there waiting to take you down. Little do they know this sheep has special ninja powers, powers capable of incredible things? The Ninja Sheep is waiting for you. It is yours for free! So take it now.
The Ninja Sheep
The Ninja Sheep
Version 1.0
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